Investment Portfolio Building

You’ve worked hard to build up some spare cash. Maybe you have a lump sum of money to invest or you want to save regularly. Either way, you want your money working as hard for you as possible. You want to invest it wisely and don’t want to lie awake at night worrying about it.

At PML Financial Planning, we don’t start with the money. We start with you. We need to understand your goals and dreams and what you want your money to achieve. Then we can start thinking about how your money might help you achieve these goals. You’ll get straightforward investment advice that will consider,

  • Whether your financial goals are achievable or are just dreams
  • How much you need to invest to achieve your goals
  • How much risk you need to take, compared to your appetite for risk
  • Which are best products and funds to help you achieve your investment goals.

Whether you are saving for a specific event such as future education costs for the kids, or are building up a war chest for the future, you have to start with careful planning. We need a full understanding of your circumstances before we can advise you. And then when we’re clear on your needs, we’ll recommend an investment portfolio to meet them. And then we’ll watch it like a hawk, ensuring that it stays on track.

If you would like to find out more about how we can get your money working harder for you, please give us a call.